Power Puck Stabilizers

$25.00 USD - $40.00 USD

Power Puck Stabilizers are made from soft and flexible TPU that absorb shock and vibrations from heavy VR play. The Stabilizers have a lowering "aka the rounded wings you see" on each side made to lightly pres up agents any tracker straps minimizing the amount of side to side and up and down movement, This in turn stops the pucks and trackers from wobbling around as much and also lowers the strain on the center of the belts mounting point. These can be used both with and with out power pucks to help dampen the amount of wobble trackers normally have.

There are several sets available different quantities, and maybe different colors if enough interesting is shown.

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Video overview and instruction manual available here:

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Product Disclaimer:
Midnight Tech LLC is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by our products including due to misuse, or tampering with the product! This product is in pre-production currently and is subject to changes as I move forward. Internal hardware is also subject to change over time as suppliers may change. Only use name brand USB chargers while charging to avoid damaging the products batteries. If you`re experiencing bugs or problems with any of our products, please contact us at our email address or our community discord. Failure to contact us before attempting self repair will void free RMA`s and will require you to pay for return shipping. All models being sold are pre production.

Order Cancellation:
All cancellations must be approved by the Seller. Restocking charges will be determined based on whether the product is packed and ready to ship. A minimum restocking charge of twenty percent (20%) of the net price will apply if a shipping label and tracking number have been generated.

Shipping info:
Attention internal customers!! Import fees are a thing your going to have to pay my web host is unable to charge it so you will have to pay for it when it arrives!

All shipments take place on Monday-Wednesday most of the time! So if you order on a Tuesday your shipment will not leave till the next Monday! Keep this in mind!!!
If you wish to have us try to ship you a set of power pucks email us or join our discord and ask about shipping.

Shipping RMA info:
RMA is only free with in the Contiguous 48 States. If you live out side of the States you will have to pay for shipping the return. When returning include your order number in the packing as well as info about what you where experiencing.


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